Teens, Sex, Fathers, Marriage: All That ‘N a Baby Carriage

Some would say the title of this post is just a bad plan. But what can’t be argued are the facts:

  • Teens are having babies.
  • Teen boys are becoming fathers.
  • Children are growing up in homes without their fathers.
  • Marriage is an option.

The topics of teen pregnancy, teen fathers, and marriage are of the utmost importance to NFI (National Fatherhood Initiative) — particularly because of how closely they align with father absence and child well-being.

According to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, in Why It Matters: Teen Childbearing, Single Parenthood, and Father Involvement, “…teen mothers are at high risk for single parenthood and especially high risk of parenthood without the biological father in the home”. Further, “Reducing teen pregnancy can improve child well-being by in­creasing the chances that children are born into two-parent families and, in particular, families with married parents.”


Research shows that children have better outcomes when they grow up in a home with two married parents. Studies further indicate that while father involve­ment is important, where the father lives is also important. In one study, the benefit of increasing father involvement was more than twice as great when the father lived with the child than when he lived elsewhere.

But when it comes to teens:

  • The majority of teen mothers (88% in 2010) were unmarried when their child was born.
  • Of those teen mothers who were not married when their child was born, only about one-third (34%) went on to marry by the time their child reached age five.
  • Furthermore, more than one-third (38%) of teens who were married when their child was born split up by the time their child reached age five, and 42% of those who were cohabiting when their child was born split up by then.

In addition, teen mothers living apart from the father of their child report that half of the nonresident fathers met with their child in the past month, and, among those who did, about half visited at least weekly. Recent research also shows that father absence is actually the cause for children having poor outcomes related to a range of physical, mental, and social issues – compared to when their father is involved in their lives.

Interestingly, with regard to intergenerational cycles – teen boys who live with both parents initiate sex at an older age compared to teen boys whose father is absent (the former, helping to prevent future, unplanned, teen pregnancies.)

So, it seems decent to conclude that by working to help teens make wise decisions about sex and pregnancy, and how to participate in healthy relationships, we will also, by default, work to reduce father absence and increase the proportion of children who grow up with involved, responsible and committed fathers – all for the benefit of current (or future!) children.

BAM! A match made in heaven.

This article Posted by Melissa Steward from http://www.fatherhood.org

2014 LIFE: Beautiful Fundraising Banquet

Raffa Clinic is gearing up for this year’s annual fundraising banquet. We are currently seeking sponsors for this year’s event. If you, your business, church or civic group would like to sponsor this year’s banquet, please review this link Sponsor Packages.2014 and return the Sponsorship Commitment Form back to us by September 1st.

As you can see from the package link, there are some great advertising perks for you at our event. Please let us know if you are interested in helping make our 2014 LIFE: Beautiful event the most successful banquet yet!

~Threesa Sadler, Executive Director

We have something to tell you!

Raffa Clinic has been working on better ways to stay in touch with you and let you know about news & events at Raffa. We have so many great things going on and can’t wait to share with you what all the Lord is doing at this ministry. Sign up today to receive special emails that will share info that may not be able to be posted on a public website or Facebook page.

These emails will become our primary way to communicate sensitive needs, prayer requests, and news from Raffa Clinic staff. We deeply appreciate your support and can’t wait to start sharing all that is happening at Raffa! You can even choose what type of information you would like to receive. We will send special newsletters about volunteer opportunities, Raffa news, fundraising events, and information on our growing community abstinence education program.

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Volunteer Training in August

Raffa Clinic will be hosting our next volunteer training August 8th & 9th.

To register for the training please visit our registration page at http://www.ministrysync.com/event/?e=8180

For questions about the training, please contact Coco at Raffa at 903.454.9711.


Raffa In the News…

June 28, 2014

Raffa Clinic to open baby boutique

By Joseph Hamrick Herald-Banner Staff The Herald-Banner

Sat Jun 28, 2014, 01:31 AM CDT GREENVILLE — The Raffa Clinic in Greenville is making an addition that Director Threesa Sadler said will help save the clinic money and offer more convenience to the clinic’s patrons. By the end of the summer, Sadler said she expects construction to be completed on a new baby boutique which will be housed inside the Greenville location on 2612 Jordan Street. The clinic currently has a secondary location in Commerce at 2104 D Monroe Street.

The boutique will only be open to the families the clinic serves. The Raffa Clinic is a non-profit pregnancy and parenting center whose goal is to teach a healthy view of sexuality by providing practical and emotional support and education to help members of Hunt County embrace healthy lifestyles. According to Sadler, the parents will be able to purchase the clothes through vouchers they receive by going through one of the many free prenatal and parenting classes the clinic provides.

According to the organization’s Facebook Page, the new boutique is a “thank you” to parents who chose to go along with their pregnancy. “Some of you may already know that we see a lot of women and men who are currently expecting a baby, and have chosen life for their child, in our Pregnancy 101 and 201 classes,” the message stated. “We want to help them and encourage them in any way we can.” The average income of a patient who comes to the clinic is under $15,000. Sadler said by having the patients earning credits by attending the prenatal and parenting classes, it gives the patients a chance to not only learn how to be good parents, but also provides them with necessary supplies for their child.

Sadler said the design of the boutique is being spearheaded by volunteer Jamie Denton, who has a history of working in high-end boutiques. With Denton’s expertise in elaborate boutiques, Sadler said this gives the clinic a way to make the patients feel appreciated. “This would be a great way to honor them and make them feel appreciated,” she said. “The whole purpose is to love on them.” Giving parents who come from a low income background the experience of shopping at a high-end boutique for their children, on top of the classes they offer, is a way for the clinic to encourage the parents in choosing to go ahead with a pregnancy. “We see so many moms coming in scared and not knowing what to do,” she said. “We see it as a good way to reach out to them. They’re learning how to be good moms and dads.”

Since it is a non-profit organization, the clinic relies on donations from businesses and organizations, individuals and churches to keep the free services provided. Sadler is looking for hands to help paint the boutique and to help keep the boutique open throughout the year. Clothes from birth to size 4T and baby accessories new or gently-used are being sought by Sadler. Because of liability issues, the clinic cannot accept or distribute cribs or car seats. Donations can be made at the Greenville and Commerce locations between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

For more information on the clinic, or to volunteer or make a donation, visit friendsofraffa.org or call 903-454-9751. -

Life and Justice: One Call with Many Faces

This is the first of multiple posts targeted to pastors and church leaders to provide resources to equip the church to be a voice for life. Please pass along to your fellow church members and leaders. ~Threesa 

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.” ~Proverbs 31:8


In the church today, there is sometimes an unhealthy — and unnecessary division between what are commonly seen as “life” and “justice” issues.

Life: Within the Body you have courageous Christians who focus on the beginning of life, who are committed to speaking up for preborn children and meeting the needs of their mothers. They understand that those who have believed the lie that abortion is just a choice like any other choice — to their sorrow and regret — and offer healing and restoration to those wounded by abortion.

Justice: Also within the Body are committed Christians who focus on justice issues, such as orphan care, serving those with special needs, as well as victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and caring for the immigrant and those in poverty. They take to heart the sobering words of Jesus: “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

The Image of God: BOTH issues stem from the understanding that from the formation of a child’s first tiny cell to life’s final breath, all life has dignity and value because each and every one of us is made in the image of God.

And that is why when we talk about being “pro-life,” it’s not just about a political issue. It’s a worldview…it’s a life-view. It’s a way of looking at each human life that transcends culture, class, race, age and opinion. It’s like a new set of glasses that helps us to see the world with greater clarity: seeing people through God’s eyes changes how we respond to them.


Focus on the Family 2013, Thriving Pastor: Life and Justice “A Resource Guide for Churches”

2014 Raffa Run is HERE!!!


It’s Time for the

4th Annual Raffa Run!!

Join us at the beautiful Geoffrey A Sweeney Environmental Education Center in Quinlan, Texas on Saturday, April 26th for the 4th annual Raffa Run Cross Country 5K & 1 K Fun Run.

The Run will start promptly at 8:00am. On-site registration and check-in will begin at 7:30am.



  • We have added a 1K FUN RUN that will be walked on the streets of Boles ISD! This is a great alternative to those who prefer a paved surface over the cross country terrain of the nature preserve. It is perfect for strollers, children and those of us that need sure footing while walking.
  • We now have pledge forms available for those that would like a paper form to register their sponsors! (Contact Raffa Clinic at 903.454.9711 to get your pledge form)

There is a $25 participant fee for each runner/walker.

This is a NON-TIMED race. Runners are responsible for their own time.

Participants can set a goal to raise money from their own sponsors or simply pay the registration fee.

To register, donate to, or get more info: 


 Share the event with your friends and let’s work together to make this year’s Raffa Run the largest Run yet!

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