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We’re Hiring!!

Raffa Clinic is adding a new position to our team and looking for the right person to join us. Our client education program is looking for a Parent and Life Skills Program Coach. Click here to read the job description and see if this is a role that is right for you. You can complete an application online and submit your resume here.  

Help us spread the word for this new opening. Please share this on your social media pages, your church, and your friends that you think would be a great addition to our team!

For questions about the position or the application process, please contact Threesa Sadler at

Information for Supporters

Texas Heartbeats Continue!

6 week baby seen using a 3D ultrasound

I have often joked that I would love to “work myself out of a job.”

Today Texas took a step to make that dream a reality. In case you haven’t heard, the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect today. That means that once a baby’s heartbeat is detected, an abortion can not be performed! This will save THOUSANDS of lives in Texas each year!!!

For decades we have prayed and worked toward the time when we would see abortion no longer as an option for unplanned pregnancy. And today…read more

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Calling all CHURCHES, BUSINESSES, and CIVIC GROUPS…. It’s time for a little friendly competition!!!

This year we have decided to offer our annual Baby Bottle Campaign VIRTUALLY!

It is very easy for you to participate. Here’s what you need to know:

1. We will set up a free webpage for your church/business/civic
group for your people to give through. CLICK HERE for an
example page.

2. The giving competition begins on Mother’s Day and ends of
Father’s Day. All you have to do is share your giving page and
encourage your members/co-workers to give.

3. There is no cost to your organization and we handle all of the
financial transactions. We also issue a tax receipt for all donations

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year and prizes will be
awarded to the top 3 giving organizations.

How do you participate:

1. Email Threesa at to sign up your
church/business/civic organization and we will begin setting up
your group’s giving page at no cost to you.

2. Share with your members/co-workers that you are trying to outgive the other organizations and help Raffa meet this important
fund raising goal. EVERY dollar given goes directly to serving our
clients. All gifts are tax deductible.

3. Share the weekly updates that we will add to your page and help
us spread the word about the great work of Raffa Clinic.

4. Watch the campaign website at www.fillthatbottlecom to see
how your group is ranking in the giving competition and
encourage your group to move up in the rankings. We would
love to see you use your social media to create some
friendly competition between other groups!

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Are You Awesome? Our team is growing!

We're hiring awsome

We are Hiring!

We are currently hiring for multiple full-time and part-time positions! 

Information about our clinic services can be found at and information for our supporters can be found at

Please pass along to anyone that you feel may be a good fit for this position. All inquiries should be addressed to Threesa Sadler at

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We are Growing and Hiring!

were hiring.couple

We are Hiring!

Raffa Clinic is currently looking to hire add additional class instructor to our education team. Full time and part time positions are being considered.

We will be accepting applications and resumes via snail mail and can be mailed to Raffa Clinic PO Box 9325, Greenville, TX 75404 and must be postmarked by December 26 in order to be considered.  Applications and resumes can also be emailed to

The Class Instructor Job Description can be found here: Class_Instructor_Job_Description.2018.doc

The Raffa Clinic Employment Application can be found here: Application For Employment.2018

**In order to be considered for the position, all inquiries MUST include a completed application for employment AND a current resume.**

Information about our clinic services can be found at and information for our supporters can be found at

Please pass along to anyone that you feel may be a good fit for this position. All inquiries should be addressed to Threesa Sadler at


Adopt A Family is BACK!

Raffa Clinic has a few families in need of some blessings for Christmas. This is our third year and we have been so blessed to see our client families overwhelmed with a multitude of Christmas Blessings!

This year we have a few families (Dads included!) who we have been working with throughout the year who are in need of some help to make Christmas special for their kids. If you are interested in Adopting a Family (or just a single family member), visit our Adopt a Family page for more information.

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GOOD NEWS! (and some not so good news)

First the good news:

Thank you to all of you who have responded to our call to give toward our $25,000 Matching Funds Challenge. I am thrilled to report that we met the matching challenge!!! Praise the LORD! I can’t thank you enough.

And now the not so good news:
With everything the LORD is doing right now and with all that is at stake, I have another challenge for your consideration. We have not yet met our $100,000 goal for this event. This is the same amount we raised at last year’s banquet — and that level of support is crucial for meeting the needs of the women and families seeking our services.

Remember, everything given goes to provide programs services as our capital costs have already been covered. (Don’t know what I am talking about? Watch the video to hear our big announcements!)

If you’ve already given, thank you! For those who have not yet given, will you support us as we expand to help more mothers and save more babies? This is a crucial moment and I hope you respond generously, as you are able.

You can give online and follow our fundraising progress HERE.

If you’d prefer, you can mail in your most generous gift to:
Raffa Clinic
PO Box 9325
Greenville, TX 75404

We are very grateful that God has provided this amazing opportunity at this crucial moment — and hope that you feel led to respond generously.

Threesa Sadler

PS: Missed the online event? You can catch the replay above or at

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DOUBLE your impact!!

Last night’s Online Fundraising Event provided a huge shot in the arm of inspiration and encouragement to the 284 participants who joined us — as you’ll see in the recording of the event, now posted online at:

On the recording … in addition to hearing a unique perspective from our staff, some inspiring client testimony, and our BIG announcement about a new phase of ministry for Raffa, you’ll also hear the exciting announcement about a group of committed donors who issued a …

$25,000 matching challenge!

These donors, who have seen the impact of our efforts, want to encourage YOU and others to join them in taking this critical work to the next level.

Bottom line: your tax-deductible one-time gift — or the annualized amount of your monthly pledge — to Raffa Clinic will be instantly doubled, up to …

… $25,000!

This challenge will only double gifts or monthly pledges made by midnight Saturday, October 10th.

As you know, we don’t ask for support often … only when we really need help … so we certainly don’t want to leave any of these donors’ generosity sitting on the table. So please make your most generous gift (and have it doubled) now!

If God is weighing on your heart to make a one-time tax-deductible gift — that will be instantly doubled — go now to:

Thank you for your support,

Threesa Sadler, Executive Director

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Grab your favorite snack. The show is about to start!!

Our first ever Online Fundraising Event starts in less than an hour and we have now made it VERY easy for you to watch with us at 7pm.

You can watch on Facebook at this link HERE

You can watch via the event website HERE.

You can watch on YouTube HERE.

Choose the venue that works best for you and tune in. Preshow will start 13-15 minutes before the show that will begin at 7pm. Don’t forget to share this and invite your friends!!

You can also follow along with where we are on meeting our fundraising goal and donate online HERE.

See you at 7!