Sometimes, it takes two…

When we take a look at the list of volunteers for this ministry, we see many names of individuals, which is of course, wonderful. We can’t be more thankful for all who give freely of their time to advance the calling of Raffa Clinic.

What we don’t see often in our list of volunteers  however, is “John and Jane Smith.” In other words, we do not — yet — have a long list of married couples serving together. And perhaps the reason is simple: We haven’t asked.

Yet when I read the New Testament I see a couple — Aquila and Priscilla — mentioned six times, and always together. They took the Apostle Paul into their home, taught the mighty man of God, Apollos, new truths regarding the Gospel and are credited with advancing the Gospel to all of the Gentile churches.

Their ministry started when Paul realized he needed a place to stay. From there, they changed the world.

So my question is, “Are there ‘Aquila & Priscilla’ couples out there today who would like to serve together in ministry? You may be retired, or have flexible work schedules. If so, Raffa Clinic could very well be your answer.

We have opportunities ranging from administrative to mentoring young couples. After all, what better example can we offer to a young couple struggling with a crisis, than a couple that is happily married and serving God together?

The truth is, we are always seeking anyone who wants to serve here; whether single or married, whether one can serve with a spouse or with the support of that spouse.

Yet I extend a special call today for couples who wish to serve as Aquila and Priscilla did — together.

If this is you, just give me a call at 903.454.9711 or email me at threesa@raffaclinic.org. I’d love to hear from you. We will talk, I’d be happy to show you around and if you see a fit for your gifts, we’re available.

Priscilla and Aquila changed the world around them, together. You can too.

~Threesa Sadler, Executive Director

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