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Unexpected Blessings at Raffa This Week!

We have such sweet supporters and God has provided for us this week in some great ways.

Let me just share a few of the holiday surprises we have had in the last few days.

Tuesday, the Huerta/Frodl family brought by a car load of baby clothes and toys for our clinic. This is such a blessing for us because we use these items to bless our Moms and Dads in our pregnancy and parenting classes. They are always greatly appreciated!

Today we started our day off with a visit from Mr. Joe Walker who brought a HUGE jar of candy for our staff and volunteers to sweeten us up. Mr. Walker and Mr. Huerta are both active members of the Knights of Columbus and have been very active with us this year to help our clinic raise money to purchase a new sonogram machine. (See previous post about the KOC movie night coming up on Friday, December 28th)

We also had a visit from the MOPS (Mothers of Pre- Schoolers) that meet at the First Baptist Church in Commerce. They have collected diapers, baby wipes, diaper creme and a cash donation for our clinic. Such a sweet blessing from one group of Moms to another!

This week we also had a donation with an amazing story to go along with it. Mrs. Lois Schwen went to the Sulphur Springs Wal-Mart to purchase some diapers and baby wipes to donate to our clinic. While she was shopping, a gentleman (that she did not know) handed her a card. Inside of this card was a $100 Wal-Mart gift card! Mrs. Schwen felt this was the Lord’s provision for Raffa and donated the gift card to us along with the diapers and wipes. What a great example of how the Lord can use us in ways that we don’t even realize to provide for others!

We have many faithful donors who provide for us in many ways throughout the year. These are just a few examples of how God has worked here at Raffa this week to provide for us so that we may provide for those that He brings to us.


~Threesa Sadler


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