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Team Grason & Parker



Team Grayson & Parker


As you learned from our previous post, this year’s Raffa Run was our most successful Run yet. We raised over $12,000 for the ministry of Raffa Clinic to continue to serve women making LIFE decisions about their pregnancies. Not only am I blown away by the support for this year’s event, I was in awe of one team in particular. Team Grayson & Parker.

Let me explain. I first came to meet this family a little over a month before the Run. Mr. Jones called the clinic and asked about what we do.  He told me that they wanted to support an organization that did not give funds to Planned Parenthood. He told me that they wanted to support us. We had a good chat and then he told me their story. I hung up the phone and wept for this sweet family and their precious story. Their story is the true story of LIFE. I fell in love with their family at the Raffa Run (see the picture above). This is a family that truly stands up for and walks out their daily lives in reflection of their beliefs about LIFE. They are an example to us all.

One of our volunteers, Carmen Rockett, interviewed the Jones family (Team Grayson & Parker) and wrote an article advertising the Raffa Run that ran in the Greenville and Commerce papers. Below is an excerpt of that article that introduces you to this precious family.


“Timothy Jones told his family’s story. He and his wife, Randi had discovered late in 2010 that they were expecting twins. They eagerly waited for the day they would welcome two additional members to the Jones family. However, several months into the pregnancy they learned that their twins, Grayson and Parker suffered from a condition affecting at least 4,500 pregnancies per year called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

A Houston doctor recommended a procedure that would save the life of one twin, while ending the life of the other. Finding this partial solution unacceptable, the Joneses opted to leave the lives of both twins in the hands of God and seek a better alternative.  The couple was referred to Baylor for amniotic reduction, a procedure that relieves pressure in the womb by taking some of the excess amniotic fluid from the larger twin. On March 26, 2011, the twins were born weeks ahead of schedule. Grayson survived only an hour, while the family enjoyed eleven days with Parker before he passed.

The Joneses were surrounded by their family, friends, and church during this challenging time, but they recognized that not all parents have this kind of support. The loss of the Jones babies propelled the Jones family to raise money in memory of the twins to benefit other parents who may face similar trials.

They learned of the Raffa Clinic through friends, and through their church (Calvary Baptist, Wolfe City). The Jones’ Church had previously participated in the Raffa Clinic’s Baby Bottle Campaign, for which church members take a baby bottle home to fill it with spare change for the clinic. After carefully checking out the Raffa Clinic, the Joneses and their extended family felt they could give their whole-hearted support to this organization. In Tim’s words, “We had a great support base from family and church, but anyone who does not have that can turn to the Raffa Clinic.”

Of the amount that Raffa Clinic brought in by the Raffa Run fund-raiser to date, more than 50% of that has been raised by the sponsorship of the Jones’ team, AKA the Grayson and Parker Team. Their nine-member team consists of immediate family, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Along with four-year old Noah, they will bring walkers in their sixties and all ages in between.”


Wow. Thank you to the Jones family for sharing this beautiful story of little Grayson and Parker with us. What a blessing and impact these two sweet boys have had on so many.



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