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Did you know?

Did you know that Texas ranks #3 in teen pregnancy? Did you also know that Texas ranks #1 in repeat teen pregnancy??  We must work to change these statistics. Our children (and grandchildren) deserve better. That’s exactly what Raffa Clinic is trying to do. We know it is more than counseling a teenager about their options after their positive pregnancy test. We know that it is about reaching them before that test is ever needed and giving them the tools to face the challenges of the world they live in so that they can succeed.

Raffa Clinic has a community abstinence program called “In the Know” that reaches out to our Hunt County teenagers (and pre-teens) in the schools and equips them to face these challenges. Our program is an abstinence-based comprehensive teen sex education program designed to be presented in the public school system.  We present middle and high school teens with credible, factual data about the potential consequences and options regarding their sexual activity.  However, because sex is more than just a physical activity, we also help teens understand the broader issues surrounding early sexual activity, including health, social, physical, mental and emotional implications.

Why am I telling you this? Because Raffa Clinic needs your help. We are currently planning on presenting this program to multiple school districts in Hunt County this fall and are adding more districts soon. We are in need of volunteer presenters to help us in the classrooms. It is SO EASY to help. If you feel like you can present to, and interact with, 7th-12th graders and would like to see this program presented in our schools, then we want to talk to you. The process to volunteer is simple. Simply complete the contact form below and we will be in touch with you and send you a volunteer application. Once you have completed that, we will schedule an interview and discuss the program in more detail. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time to be in the schools. We only ask for 1 day per semester! ONE day to give back to the youth of your community and make the next generation better.

Perhaps you don’t really think this is the place for you to serve, I understand. You might be in a position to pass this along to others you know who would be awesome at this. Please forward this information to them right now. Also, please be in prayer for this program and for Raffa Clinic. Last year Raffa Clinic served our community with 816 client visits for 2012. This year (as of July 15th) we have already served 941 client visits. What does that tell me? It tells me that there is a need in Hunt County. It tells me that people are hurting and they are looking for a place to go. We strive to be the first place a woman turns to when she finds out she is pregnant. We have an amazing ministry field to harvest and we covet your prayer support.

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