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On the cutting edge of 21st century missions

When we consider the word “missions” we often think of traveling across the globe or even a project within our own borders — but miles and miles away.

One of our most effective mission fields however, may be just minutes from our homes.

It’s no secret that Raffa Clinic is on the front line in the defense of life. Each day women and men come in our door, in the valley of decision regarding their child’s life. Abortion? Parenting? Adoption? These issues are at the forefront of the life decisions, and we’re in the middle of them.

Yet each person who comes to our clinic also faces deeper, spiritual challenges. Many know nothing of Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life. They may have no idea of what it means to truly follow Jesus and to submit to his lordship in their lives.

To many we see, the term “Jesus” is perhaps nothing more than a religious name with little — or no — significance.

For others who have some understanding of who Jesus is, they may see him not as a potential hope and savior, but as someone to avoid during trials of our own making. Hence they’ve left their church and have no immediate plans to return.

These realities make this ministry one of the 21st century’s ripest mission fields. We’re reaching this generation, and because we are touching the lives of soon-to-be parents, the next one as well.

The Christian life is an investment in eternal treasures, is it not? So the question goes to each of us: How will we invest our gifts and abilities if we are to impact our culture with the hope of eternal life?

One of those answers for many of you could be right here, at Raffa Clinic. Your abilities could be anywhere from administrative and organizational to evangelistic — communicating to our varied clients.

If you have a heart to change our culture, and need a home for your mission gifts, we’re right here. Contact us below and we will find you your place at Raffa. We’re always looking for willing hearts for a team that is changing lives…Right here on the mission field.


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