North Texas Giving Day Results!!!

North Texas Giving Day results are in. Drumroll please……….

$26,610 is the total amount given to Raffa Clinic!

Thank you so much for this amazing response to this giving campaign. I want to share with you about how the week at Raffa has been and give you a glimpse of the way your donations will be used in ministry at Raffa.

Monday we had a busy medical day planned with pregnancy tests and sonograms. The difference on this particular Monday was that we were seeing 2 very young girls in our clinic that day for pregnancy tests. These are always difficult days. One was pregnant and one was not. We met with them and talked about pregnancy, adoption, parenting and the changes that will be happening in their lives over the next few months. For the one that is pregnant, we discussed her plan for staying in school and working with her parents to raise this child well. We also talked to her about adoption and what an amazing, loving choice this is for a mother to make.  For the other girl, we discussed a lot about her home life and talked to her about abstinence.

Tuesday was a day of pregnancy tests and sonograms. Our volunteers were on hand to minister to the women we saw that day who were making decisions about their unplanned pregnancies. We are very thankful for our precious volunteers! That evening, our board of directors met and finalized up plans for our upcoming LIFE: Handmade Fundraising Banquet. They spent time in prayer for the Raffa staff, volunteers and patients.

Wednesday, Raffa was invited to go and present our IN THE KNOW abstinence program to the 6th, 7th & 8th grade boys and girls at Wolfe City Middle School. This is a great program that promotes abstinence, educates on healthy and safe relationships, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and also discusses how your worldview, media and pornography effect you.

Thursday, Raffa was invited to present the IN THE KNOW program to the 9th-12th graders at Wolfe City High School. The students were very receptive and attentive. They asked great questions and had a lot to say about the culture they are growing up in and the pressures that are placed on them to start having sex at an early age.

We also had the BLESSING on Thursday to meet a precious new baby on his way home from the hospital. His mother came to us months ago struggling with her decision about his future and she really did not want to continue her pregnancy. The staff and volunteers at Raffa have walked alongside her over the past few months and on THIS day, we saw the fruit of that labor. And he was BEAUTIFUL.

As you can see, those of us that are blessed to be able to minister at Raffa have a different opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community every day. But we could not do it without your support. You financial giving allows us to move forward and your prayers cover us as we do that.

So again, thank you. Thank you for standing beside us in the daily battle for the lives of the precious babies and their families.

God bless you!

Threesa Sadler

1 thought on “North Texas Giving Day Results!!!”

  1. Congrats to Threesa, the Staff, and the Board for your success in the fund raiser yesterday. I’d also like to Thank all of the Donors for seeing the good that The Raffa Clinic provides.

    Take a breather and enjoy all that you have achieved!



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