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Doing the Math

This is a blog post from Kirk Walden. He is an advocate for pregnancy centers like Raffa Clinic all around the country. I loved his post today and wanted to share it with you. This is also my vision for Raffa; to become the FIRST choice for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Kirk does an amazing job of putting that vision into words. Please take a moment to read and if you would like to follow through on his “action step” our website is

Doing the math

December 4, 2013

If we want to create a new culture of life in this country, our effort starts with math. Really, it does.

The first part of the equation is this: When women and couples are facing an unplanned pregnancy, nearly 9 of 10 who enter a faith-based pregnancy help center choose life. Let’s let that sink in, because it is perhaps the most vital number in our equation. 9 of 10.

This portion of the equation leads to a question: “If 9 of 10 who enter a pregnancy help center choose life, why are so many choosing to end their pregnancies?”

It is a great question, because abortion figures are still above 1 million each year.

But this leads to the next phase of the equation: 1

“One,” we were told by The Three Dog Night in 1968, is a lonely number. But for pregnancy help centers, it is a powerful one. Because if pregnancy help centers become The Number One Choice for women and couples facing this situation, that 9 of 10 number grows exponentially across America.

Imagine what would happen if, for young women and men all over this country, pregnancy centers–instead of abortion centers–became the first choice? At pregnancy help centers, those in this situation find a place where there are no profit motives, no sales people pushing a product (abortion) and quite honestly, a safe haven where choice can be made.

Remember 9 of 10? This should tell all of us two things: First, not everyone who enters chooses life. For those who work in these centers, this reality brings sadness, certainly.

But this number should also tell critics that these centers actually share every option available. While most–9 of 10–take this information (including in many cases, an accurate photograph of their children inside the womb) and choose life, some still do not. So for those who claim these centers “force” women into a decision, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, for those who favor “choice,” the best place to find it is actually these pregnancy help centers.

So let’s add another component to our equation: 2500. There are 2500 pregnancy help centers in the United States. Focusing on this, what if these 2500 had:

* All of the resources to properly market their services to a public desperately needing them? The truth is, many of these centers are the best-kept secret in town not because they want to be, but because marketing costs money–a lot of it. They don’t have $500 million of our tax dollars as Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry does. Let’s even the playing field, and move these centers closer to being #1.

* The ability to offer services that those who often face unplanned pregnancies need. With the people and the resources to reach out with practical, faith-based assistance, it won’t be long before more and more facing a crisis choose pregnancy help centers, where hope is found.

* The facilities needed to offer all of these services. I recently visited a pregnancy help center that has both a medical clinic and a separate facility dedicated to mentoring dads, supporting moms, Christian counseling and so much more. They are not only interested in children waiting to be born, but also vitally invested in creating families of faith and purpose.

This two-pronged approach is empowering, and life-changing. Multiply that by 2500 and we’ve shifted the dynamic not only toward life, but toward abundant life.

The final equation looks like this: 9/10 x 1 x 2500= LIFE. As in, a new culture of life not bound by political or Supreme Court decisions.

The truth is, if the Christian family of faith pulls together and supports these pregnancy help centers, we can do the impossible. We can end abortion as we know it, ushering in a new culture where life is celebrated, honored, supported and valued.

All we must do is make these centers the first choice.

Today, let’s continue this process. Each of us can play a role. Here is our action step for today:

Find the pregnancy help center closest to us here. Then locate the center’s online web site and drop in a donation of any amount. If every person who reads this little post sent in something, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be pouring into these centers in just days.

Here’s a quick fact: If ten million families (this represents just 1/5 of those who claim to be “pro life”) sent $100 in new funds to a pregnancy help ministry in 2014, $1 Billion in new funding would pour into these centers; an average of $400,000 for each of the 2500. Friends, these centers would become the first choice overnight.

So today, let’s take one step. Whether it is $10, $100, or $10,000–let’s start this process. It’s simple math–and a world can be turned upside down.

Kirk Walden is author of The Wall and is committed to creating a new culture of life in the United States and around the world.

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