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2014: An “uncomplicated” vision

Our 2014 vision is like the AT&T commercial: “It’s not complicated.”

In fact, some may call it simplistic and others may say our vision is naive. Fine. We’re sticking to it anyway.

Our 2014 vision is this: We are taking the next step toward making abortion unthinkable and in time, obsolete in Hunt County.

That’s it. And to take this next step, we plan to spend this year reaching out to more and more women who are considering abortion or are in circumstances that make them more vulnerable to abortion. We are working to educate on pregnancy, parenting and abstinence. We are hoping to reach out to more women than ever with the hope and truth of Christ.

We are not here to slow the decline of our culture. Nor are we here to only hang on while the enemy of life takes more territory. No, our mission is to change the culture and to advance. And advance we will.

We plan to see more lives saved in 2014. A lot more. And we plan to move forward. And we will, make no mistake about it.

We will advance by the power instilled in us by the love of God. His love changes everything, and so will we.

And soon- sooner than even we might believe – we plan on becoming the absolute, unparalleled and undisputed first choice for every woman and man seeking answers to an unplanned pregnancy. First.

When these hurting young people go online, our mission is that they find us. First. And when they make a phone call for help, our mission is that call is to our clinic. First.

We will not – by any stretch – be satisfied until that happens. And in 2014 we plan on taking the next steps. If you haven’t already, join us in this powerful mission. Your financial investment, your prayers and your time will  make the difference. Email me at if you want to know more about where we are headed or if you would like to join in.  You can also give online at

Let’s get started. In 2014, we advance. And we will be taking new ground as we do so.


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