Raffa Clinic makes news in Quinlan

Raffa Clinic was recently discussed in The Quinlan-Tawakoni News (May 22, 2015 edition) article about Quinlan ISD school board meeting. We are so thankful for the partnership with Quinlan ISD and are looking forward to opening our new clinic in Quinlan in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more info about our Quinlan Open House!

Here is a portion of the article in The Quinlan-Tawakoni News by Larry Briscoe:

“A lease agreement was unanimously approved with Raffa Clinic to locate a non-profit pregnancy clinic in the portable building at the former Joe Martin campus. Locations are already in operation in Greenville and Commerce. 

Executive Director Threesa Sadler spoke to the board about the clinic’s plans to open the Quinlan office and its services. ‘You will be an asset to us,’ Kenny Stone (school board President) told Sadler. He commented on the clinic’s good reputation from those with whom he had discussed it.

Superintendent Dr. Debra Crosby also praised the clinic’s operation. She said one QISD student had walked to the Greenville clinic because she had nowhere else to go for services. 

Sadler said all services provided were free as funding came from the community including churches, groups and individuals. Sadler said the clinic began in Greenville in 2004 and provided help throughout Hunt County. The Commerce facility opened in 2010. 

Sadler said arrangements for transportation were made possible through an agreement with The Connection that provides services to county residents for other needs. She said Raffa was ready to open as soon as remodeling was complete. ‘We just finished training volunteers, and they are ready to go,’ Sadler said.

The clinic’s brochure states it is ‘committed to providing women and men with accurate information to make informed decisions about pregnancy, sexual health and relationships. Because everyone should have access to this information , all of our services are free of charge.’ Sadler said clients were able to earn points through completion of classes offered that could be used to buy clothes, diapers and other items at its boutique. 

The lease agreement is for three years. Terms include Raffa to pay the costs of remodeling the school district’s building, expected cost between $7,000 and $10,000, in lieu of the first year’s lease payments. After the first year, the group would pay $300 monthly for its use. The lease begins June 1 and ends May 31, 2018, with a three-year extension option. 

Services include pregnancy tests and options counseling; obstrical ultrasound services; and pregnancy, parenting and life skills education. The 24 hour helpline is available at 903.454.9711; text, 903.213.5126; email info@raffaclinic.org; and website http://www.raffaclinic.org.”

If you would like to contribute to Quinlan Clinic you can give online here.

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