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Banquet Results Are In!


WOW!!   This year’s Annual Fundraising Dinner not only met our financial goals, but it was an amazing night of recounting the deeds of our Lord!

You all came together to provide $86,647 for the ministry of Raffa Clinic. THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your trust in us!

At the banquet we were blessed to hear some amazing stories of God’s redemption and work in the lives of some of our clients. I have also been hearing feedback from some of you that were there and the impact these stories had. I want to share one guest’s comments with you.

    “I wanted to let you know that this is the 3rd year I have attended the Raffa Banquet. I have enjoyed every year, but this year was by FAR the best. I enjoy speakers, but I LOVE seeing and putting a face and family with the successes that you achieve with your families. I was just talking to a young single mom who attributes her success to you. You may not even know her name, but it all started with you, a court-ordered, and with that she is making a good life for her and her daughter. Her name is Samantha Barker and she was a meth addict, and is now going to school to be a social worker to help others with addiction to prove that you CAN GET YOUR LIFE BACK after addiction. She is a hard worker, a great mom and a precious Christian in the Lord’s army.

 I love your success stories and would never get bored with hearing about them (just keep the Kleenex handy).~ Stacy Holley”

It warms my heart to know that our ministry has an impact beyond our doors and that (with your support) we are making an impact in Hunt County and eternally!


Threesa Sadler

Executive Director, Raffa Clinic

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