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Community Vision Casting for Hunt County


Raffa Clinic has secured a community wide grant to help educate parents on how to raise healthy, caring, and responsible kids.  The Raising Highly Capable Kids program is a 13 week parent program based on the 40 Development Assets, which are essential building blocks that every child needs to be more successful.  Parents will learn to increase their knowledge of these assets and gain a skill set to strengthen their children in key areas such as:  Positive Identity, Social Competence, Setting Boundaries and Expectations, Constructive use of Time, Commitment to Learning, and Positive Values.  This program has the potential to help parents teach their kids to become more resilient as well as improve their GPA.  We believe this program can benefit our community and we want to open this offer to everyone serving in our helping organizations.  A program representative will share:

  • An overview of the program
  • Explanation and sampling of curriculum
  • Effectiveness and impact of program
  • What to expect
  • How your organization can benefit

For more information on the Capable Kids program visit


See the event flyer here:

Raffa Clinic Capable Kids Vision Casting.2015

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