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What’s Dad Got to Do with It?

it is your responsibility.fatherhood
Men are frequently ignored in the cultural conversation about pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and parenting. Yet the thoughts of the baby’s father or her feelings about him can be amongst the most important factors in a woman’s pregnancy decision. Some women will go through an unwanted abortion in order to avoid losing a relationship with a man they love. Other women will choose abortion rather than consider the possibility that a man they distrust would ever gain custody of their child. Conversely, women who feel secure in their relationship with their partner and who know that he wants the baby, are more likely to carry to term.

  • When men come into our clinic seeking help, there are many services that Raffa Clinic offers. If a man comes into a center seeking help when his girlfriend or wife is considering abortion, we ask him to bring her into the center. We ask them to come together or separately, depending on the circumstances. Men are often very interested in understanding abortion procedures and risks, as well as how the decision to abort could affect their relationship with their partner.
  • Likewise, if a woman comes into Raffa stating that her boyfriend or husband is pressuring her to have an abortion, she will be informed that no one has the legal right to force her to abort against her will. Raffa can help her find the resources to support her decision to carry her child to term.
  • If a woman would like to place her child for adoption, but her partner is resisting the adoption, we welcome him to join her. Together, we can help the father and mother explore his concerns about adoption. Many times, both men and women have fears about adoption that are based on misunderstandings of the adoption process and their rights. Raffa can help couples come to a reality-based understanding of the benefits and challenges related to adoption so they can make a decision that they can live with long-term.

Men need to be supported and empowered to make life-affirming decisions just as women do. The stress of an unexpected pregnancy can be terrifying for a man and fear of unwanted fatherhood may leave him feeling that abortion is an easy answer that will put his life “back to normal.” However, he may never have explored positive ways being a father could change his life. For many men, the emotional impact of losing a child to abortion is significant and painful.

Fathers need pregnancy centers too.

To find out how you can be a part of our work to reach the men that come to Raffa Clinic, click here.

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