Abstinence Program, Information for Supporters

The “Real Essentials”

college girl with folder

Did you know that Raffa Clinic partners with area schools to educate students and staff on sexual risk avoidance? Our abstinence education program called “Real Essentials”
provides volunteers who present high-quality engaging presentations to area
students in grades 7-12.

This program has been highly effective in local districts in reducing teen pregnancy rates in Hunt County. One local district reported a 75% decrease in their pregnant students over the first 3 years of our programming!

The goal of this program is to prevent the twin epidemics of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is about getting adolescents to adulthood with the least amount of emotional baggage and hurt as possible. We are currently presenting in Greenville and Quinlan ISDs for this upcoming year.

We provide this program free to area schools and we ask you to help support this fast growing program. We are currently seeking volunteers to train to be presenters as well as sponsors for this program. If you would like information on volunteering or sponsoring a program, please contact Threesa at 903-454-9751 or threesa@raffaclinic.org.

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