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Back to School

back to school

Summer is far from over but before long our calendars will turn to fall. For us, this
means ramping up in several areas, not the least of which is that we will likely see
more patients and clients with some serious situations.

New relationships begin in the fall with a new school year. This can lead to more
visits to Raffa Clinic.

Though it is not easy, we are thankful to be here. Those who come in our door need
hope. We have this hope.

Those who come in our door need practical solutions and the assistance to carry
through on a life decision. We provide this, too.

Those who come in our door need a hand to hold onto during a turbulent storm in their
lives. While it can certainly be said that those who need us played a major role in
creating the upheaval, at this moment in our lives we want to help lead them through
the chaos and turbulence, toward a place of healthy decisions and perhaps, a new faith
they’ve never known before.

YOU MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Your support, unseen by those who come in our door,
provides the very foundation for this hope, help…and even healing.

Thank you. Thank you for making a difference in her life, in his life, and in the life of a
little one waiting to be born. You are appreciated and as we look toward fall, we look
ahead to providing more hope — together.

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