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We are still here…

I wanted to post a quick update and let you know that Raffa Clinic is still open and providing much needed services to our county.

While the Covid-19 quarantine has changed the way we do business, we have found compliant ways to still meet the needs of our community as well as protect our staff and clients.Some of our staff is working from home and some of them are working in the clinic.

We are getting more calls than ever for women seeking pregnancy services and many who are considering abortion in these uncertain times. Our nursing staff is now providing phone and video consultation with them to help them navigate emotions and educate them on their options. We are also able to help them enroll in pregnancy Medicaid as well as connect with an OB/GYN in order to begin prenatal care.
We are also continuing to provide educational services via virtual meetings to our families who were already enrolled in our current classes.

Raffa has also been bombarded with calls from families in need that are requesting help with diapers, wipes, and formula. Even though some of these things may be available in some areas, most of the families requesting assistance are families who have been working and now have no income.

We still need your support!
Here are ways you can help from home:

Donate to Raffa
Purchase Items from our NEEDS LIST

You can also still send a financial contribution to:
Raffa Clinic
PO Box 9325
Greenville, TX 75404

Note from our Executive Director:

I posted a video on my personal facebook page with an update and some exciting news. Take a few minutes to watch here. ~Threesa
Message from Threesa

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