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3 Yeses During a Pandemic



As our national quarantine begins to shift toward a gradual re-opening, I am reminded of three critical decisions we’ve made at Raffa Clinic…our three “yeses” which we’re committed to now — and going forward. Here they are:

Thankfulness: We are saying “YES” to thankfulness, because we could not be more grateful for those who continue to support us, even through trying times. We realize some have had to step back from financial support, yet others who are in position to do so are stepping up in amazing ways.

Not only this, we receive encouragement from many of you almost daily, and we thank those of you who pray for this work, and for those who come in our door. To all of you helping in so many ways, “THANK YOU!!”

Re-Imagining: We chose to say “Yes” to re-imagining our services during this time. Social distancing may have changed some of what we do, but the ability to adapt is opening new doors for us as we connect virtually with our clients and patients in a meaningful way.

I’ts not likely we would have chosen this path, but the path came to us. Now that we see the possibilities, even after this time of social distancing is over, we can still apply much of what we are learning.

Faith: Faith becomes more powerful when tested. For our ministry, all of us individually and for you, our collective faith is being tested. As a ministry, we’re choosing to say “YES” to faith in a new way, knowing that while we cannot see what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic, the One we worship has a perfect view of the future — and He is worthy of our trust. We know regardless of what is in front of us, God is with us. And that’s enough for any of us. 

These three “Yeses” will stick with us as we go forward. And go forward, we will. Thank you for walking with us during this time. We see a bright future ahead. And we face this future with an unequivocal, “YES!”

This post written by our Executive Director, Threesa Sadler.

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