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Calling all CHURCHES, BUSINESSES, and CIVIC GROUPS…. It’s time for a little friendly competition!!!

This year we have decided to offer our annual Baby Bottle Campaign VIRTUALLY!

It is very easy for you to participate. Here’s what you need to know:

1. We will set up a free webpage for your church/business/civic
group for your people to give through. CLICK HERE for an
example page.

2. The giving competition begins on Mother’s Day and ends of
Father’s Day. All you have to do is share your giving page and
encourage your members/co-workers to give.

3. There is no cost to your organization and we handle all of the
financial transactions. We also issue a tax receipt for all donations

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year and prizes will be
awarded to the top 3 giving organizations.

How do you participate:

1. Email Threesa at to sign up your
church/business/civic organization and we will begin setting up
your group’s giving page at no cost to you.

2. Share with your members/co-workers that you are trying to outgive the other organizations and help Raffa meet this important
fund raising goal. EVERY dollar given goes directly to serving our
clients. All gifts are tax deductible.

3. Share the weekly updates that we will add to your page and help
us spread the word about the great work of Raffa Clinic.

4. Watch the campaign website at www.fillthatbottlecom to see
how your group is ranking in the giving competition and
encourage your group to move up in the rankings. We would
love to see you use your social media to create some
friendly competition between other groups!

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