About Us

Founded in 2000, the Raffa Clinic is a locally organized and locally funded non-profit outreach. Our mission is to serve our local communities with a Godly view of sexuality, pregnancy, and parenting: through ongoing, practical and emotional support and education to help the communities to embrace healthy lifestyles. We provide a variety of free services and programs to meet the needs of our clients and of the community.

Raffa Clinic Pregnancy Services

  • 24- Hour Help Line (877) 70- RAFFA (72332)
  • Pregnancy Tests & Options Counseling
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Services
  • Personal Mentor Support for Clients
  • Earn While You Learn Education Program
  • Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Raffa Clinic “Real Talk” School Program

An abstinence-based, comprehensive sex education program for teens and parents. Interactive classroom presentations and workshops for public and private schools, youth groups and organization, and parent groups that provide:

  • Medically Accurate Resources for Sexual Health
  • Relationship and Dating Skills
  • Character and Leadership Development

Raffa Clinic Mentoring and Bible Study Programs

Support for the spiritual  and emotional health of our clients. This includes:

  • One on one peer mentoring and Bible study
  • A life-changing Bible study and support group led by compassionate peer counselors trained to guide women through the unique experience of healing after an abortion
  • Bible studies are also available for those who have been sexually abused

The goals of the Raffa Clinic are:

  • To share the truth and love of Jesus Christ to those facing an unplanned pregnancy
  • To meet the immediate needs of clients by offering free pregnancy testing and material resources
  • To assess emotional, physical, and spiritual needs through personal peer counseling
  • To reduce the number of abortions performed in Hunt County through medical ultrasound & options counseling
  • To offer mentorship through pregnancy preparation, post-abortion, and spiritual classes
  • To advocate life through parenting classes, adoption referrals, and collaboration with many other community resources

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