Adopt A Family

merry christmas

Below are Raffa Clinic Families who are in need of extra help with Christmas. When you agree to adopt a family, you are agreeing to purchase a few items (if applicable) from their wish list. You are welcome to adopt more than one if you are financially able.

We ask that you bring all purchased gifts (UNWRAPPED) to our Greenville Clinic location (2612 Jordan Street) ON OR BEFORE December 11th so that our Moms can pick them up the week before Christmas. If you feel generous, please include wrapping paper or gift bags for the items as well to doubly bless Mom!

Each mother/father and child are listed separately.  You are NOT obligated to sponsor an entire family, please only sponsor what you are financially able to commit to. We have made it EXTRA easy this year, and created Amazon wish lists for each individual. Please don’t feel limited to the items on the list, as mentioned whatever you are financially able; which could be more or less than whats listed on the Amazon list. We added those as ideas based off of the requests! Once a family/child is sponsored, we will update this page as quickly as possible to remove them from this list so that they are not chosen more than once. All families and Children in italics with SPONSORED: in front of the listing have already been taken. FAMILIES IN RED ARE STILL IN NEED OF SOME BLESSINGS! 

If you have any questions, please contact Bree @ 903.454.9711 or email at

Family #1347Bfemale 1 year old: 18 month clothes size 4 shoe any kind of toy

Family #10220B
Family #9233Cboy, 20 months: Need: clothes Wish: cars Color: all colors Likes: cars, things that light up and play music and loves music and dancing. Pants, coat and shirts 18-24 month Shoes size 4-5

Family #3015E-girl 1: – Pants/shoes, any colors, clothes/dress/coat size 18-24 months, shoes 4-5.Needs more toys that make noise