Adopt A Family

merry christmas

Below are Raffa Clinic Families who are in need of extra help with Christmas. When you agree to adopt a family, you are agreeing to purchase items from their wish list (please keep in mind these may be the only gifts the child/mom receive). You are welcome to adopt more than one if you are financially able.

We ask that you bring all purchased gifts (UNWRAPPED) to our Greenville Clinic location (2612 Jordan Street) ON OR BEFORE December 12th so that our Moms can pick them up the week before Christmas. If you feel generous, please include wrapping paper or gift bags for the items as well to doubly bless Mom!

Each mother and child are listed separately.  You are NOT obligated to sponsor an entire family, please only sponsor what you are financially able to commit to. Please don’t feel limited to the items on the list, as mentioned whatever you are financially able; which could be more or less than what is listed! All families and Children in italics with SPONSORED: in front of the listing have already been taken. FAMILIES IN RED ARE STILL IN NEED OF SOME BLESSINGS! 

We are out of the office until December 2nd– to sponsor a child you can call/text or email Bree at the contact info listed below! We look forward to working together to bless some of the sweetest families in Hunt County this Christmas!

If you have any questions, please contact Bree @ 903.394.8685 or email at

SPONSORED: FAMILY#3521A– Women’s smartwatch or fitbit

SPONSORED: FAMILY#3521B-male 10yrs old likes Minecraft and fortnite games his favorite color is blue and white and his size pants and shirt 16 and size shoes is 4 and coat size 16 he needs underwears size 9 and he wants a game boy system

SPONSORED: FAMILY#3521C-male 1yrs old he likes to talk on the phone and listen to music he wants a play phone with music he wears size 18-24 months shirt and pants needs a new car seat and learning toys he’s coats size is 18-24 months he’s favorite color is orange and two boxes of pampers

SPONSORED: FAMILY#3521D-male 2 months old he’s favorite color is green and white he needs a swinger and shirt and pants size is 6-12 months and coat size is 6-12 months and 2 boxes of pampers size 3


SPONSORED: FAMILY#10677BGIRL, AGE 1 toys she wears size 12 to 18 months 4 in shoes

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10579A-MOM, Need towels Want dresser

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10579B-male, 4 Needs socks and shoes Likes spider Man, pj masks, Pikachu Favorite color is blue and green Wears 3-4T Shoe size is 6 in kids

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10579C-female, 12 Needs socks and shoes Wants hoodies Favorite color is black and blue Likes to do crafts, read, and draw Wears a size 14/16 in kids Wears a women’s size 7.5 in shoes

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511A-Mens jacket- size large sports jacket style, women’s lrg cream colored pea coat style jacket.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511B–BOY, 10 years old: loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet and likes video games/sports and wants to be a “you tuber” Coat/shirt size 10, pants size 12 and shoe size 5.5

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511C– BOY, 11 years old: loves the color pink (that’s correct), needs winter clothes, wants a tablet and likes singing/dancing. Coat/shirt/pants size 12 and shoe size 6

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511D-GIRL, age 14: loves the color red, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet and likes social media and makeup. Coat/shirt/pants size 12 and shoe size 8 (women’)

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511E BOY, age 16: loves the color black, needs winter clothes, wants headphones and likes basketball. Coat/shirt/pants size 14 and shoe size 8.5

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511F-BOY age 17: loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet and likes basketball. Coat-large, Shirt- Med, and pants 32-34 waist, shoe size 11(men’)

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10511A2GIRL- 10 years old: loves the color purple, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet, likes dolls/writing/drawing. Coat/shirt/pants size 8 and shoe size 4

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511B2BOY, 8 years old: loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet, likes video games and sports. Coat/shirt/pants size 7 and shoe size 2.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511C2BOY, 6 years old: Loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet, likes cars. Coat/shirt/pants size 6 and shoe size 2

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511D2-GIRL, 5 years old: loves the color pink, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet, and likes to play school/dolls/and sing/dance. Coat/shirt/pants size 5T and shoe size 11

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511E2BOY, 3 years old: Loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, wants a tablet and likes phones and cars. Coat/shirt/pants size 3T and shoe size 9.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#10511F2-BOY, 2 years old: loves the color blue, needs winter clothes, learning toys and he likes toy cars. Coat/shirt/pants size 24 months and shoes size 8

SPONSORED:  FAMILY#10511G2GIRL, 1 year old: loves pink, needs winter clothes, wants/likes toys that light up and make sounds. Coat/shirt/pants size 12 months and shoes size 4

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044A-I don’t need anything just want my kids to have a good Christmas they deserve it, it’s been a rough year for our family. God bless …(This is very humble and sweet, but this Mom is very deserving still. So gift cards or self care things for moms are always good-Raffa Staff)

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044B-female, 7 … She loves to read and draw her favorite is turquoise. Addison likes lol surprise dolls, she’s been wanting unicorn headphones for school. Size 10/12 shirts and pants, she has a lot of coats, size 3 in shoe

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044C-male age 5 all he talks about is Xbox games. He does like adventures. Size 7/8 shirt and pants, size 13.5 boys shoe

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044D– female age 4 she loves Ariel from little mermaid. Favourite color is pink, size 6 girls pants and shirts size 11 shoe has plenty of jackets

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044E-female age 2 size 4/5 girls size 8 shoe. loves ladybug miraculous, babydolls has plenty of jackets

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8044F-male will be 2 December 21st. He isn’t walking yet has delays, could use some baby toys size 18 month shirts and 12 month pants , jackets

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10169A-Mom-Blanket

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10169B-Boy age 18 months, Favorite Color-Red, Paw patrol, Pants 12 months, Shirt 12 months, Shoes 8

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10493A-Mom-Just cartoon dvds or movies and a dvd player

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10493B-Boy, 1 year old he loves blue and shoe size is 5 clothes are 24 months he loves cars and toys

SPONSORED: FAMILY #7536A-Mom-Vacuum or crockpot

SPONSORED: FAMILY #7536B-male 5 years old needs socks wants a buzz lightyear toy favorite color is blue likes dinosaurs and robots size 4t shirts size 5t pants shoes size 11 coat 5t

SPONSORED: FAMILY #7536C-male age 2 needs diapers and wipes wants cars or trucks favorite color red he likes trucks and dinosaurs size 2t shirts 18-24 month pants shoes size 6 small coat 24 months

SPONSORED:FAMILY #10666A-Mom-Need: 8’x10′ area rug for boys to crawl on. Want: New XL jacket Likes: Crocheting

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10666B-Boy, 6 months old Need: 115″+ Gate to keep them safe since they are learning to crawl. Wish: Sit up bath seat Fav Color: Blue or Green likes: anything that lights up or makes noise. Bath toys Pants Shirts: 9 months Coat: 12 months

SPONSORED: FAMILY #10666C-Boy, 6 months old Need: Second Stroller Seat for Evenflo Xpand stroller. Wish: Sit up bath seat Fav Color: Blue or Green likes: anything that lights up or makes noise. Bath toys Pants Shirts: 9 months Coat: 12 months

SPONSORED: FAMILY #3015AMom- Gift cards (Walmart, gas, clothing, food) Music (country, rap), makeup/hair

SPONSORED: FAMILY #3015B-Male 10 Clothes and shoes Nintendo switch Blue Riding bikes, playing video games, watching youtube. Clothes size 14/16 or xl Shoes 7Y

SPONSORED: FAMILY #3015C-Male 8 Shoes and clothes Cell phone Green Building things (legos ect) bike riding, watching youtube. Clothes size 7/8 or M Shoes 2 1/2

SPONSORED: FAMILY #3015D-Girl 6 Clothes and shoes High heels and pretty dresses Pink Watching youtube, playing with baby dolls, makeup Clothes 7/8 or M Shoes 12 1/2

SPONSORED: FAMILY #3015EGirl 2 Clothes and shoes Diapers or pull up size 6 (Pampers only) 3t-4t pull ups Any color Likes music, stuffed animals, baby shark Clothes size 3t-4t Shoes size 6

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8573AMOM- Heater or vacuum. Candles, scentsy, anything that smells good.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8573B-Female, 4. Winter boots, anything unicorn, blue, unicorns, paw patrol, books. 5T clothes, 10-11 shoes.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8573CMale, 3. Winter boots, blue or green, anything that lights up or makes sounds, cars and trucks. 4T clothes, 9-10 shoes.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#8573D-Male, 1. Winter coat. Anything that lights up, makes noise, learning toys. 18 month clothes, size 5-6 shoes.

SPONSORED: FAMILY#9968A- Mom-I just wish for my family to have a very good Christmas this year (moms can always use gift cards or self care like things) 

SPONSORED: FAMILY#9968Bmale One-year-old favorite colors red favorites is paw patrol and cars which is more toys clothing sizes 18 months to one t shoe size 6 the shirts and pants are the same size 18 months to 1T And his favorite treats is gummy bears he loves paw patrol and loves cars

SPONSORED: FAMILY#9968CGirl-Six month old favorite color pink her clothes size is 6 to 9 months her shoe size is she to her favorite thing is Disney princesses and light up toys her wishes more Teething toys and light up toys