Adopt A Mom





Thank you for your interest in participating in the Adopt a Mom from Raffa Clinic for Christmas. I can’t tell you how many of our moms have been SO thankful for the blessing you are going to bestow on them!

Below are the Moms and kids that are needing adoption, please read through them and designate which you are willing to adopt in the response form below. When you agree to adopt a mom or child(ren), you are agreeing to purchase a few items (if applicable) from their wish list. You are welcome to adopt more than one if you are financially able.

We ask that you bring all purchased gifts (unwrapped) to our Greenville Clinic location (2612 Jordan Street) BEFORE December 14th so that our Moms can pick them up early the next week. If you feel generous, please include wrapping paper or gift bags for the items as well to doubly bless Mom!

Each mother and child is listed separately.  You are NOT obligated to sponsor an entire family, please only sponsor what you are financially able to commit to. When you have chosen your mom and/or children to sponsor, please complete the form below and designate the client number(s) you are sponsoring. Once a Mom/child is sponsored, we will update this page as quickly as possible to remove them from this list so that they are not chosen more than once. All Moms and Children in italics with SPONSORED: in front of the listing have already been taken.

If you have any questions, please contact Threesa at 903-456-4317.


Please complete this form with the Mom and/or child(ren)’s number that you are adopting. 



SPONSORED: Mom #8775: Size 11 boots for winter, a dress jacket (L), a large rug

SPONSORED: Child #8775-a: (Girl age 11) wants a Real Live baby doll; likes arts & crafts; favorite color is pink; loves doing anything creative

SPONSORED: Child #8775-b: (Girl age 6) wants sparkly and glittery things; likes dolls and jewelry; favorite color is pink/blue/purple; likes to be creative and anything arts & crafts

SPONSORED: Child #8775-c: (Girl age 4) needs shoes (children size 9); she likes dolls and bracelets and jewelry; favorite color is pink; likes stuffed animals; she wears size 4T clothes and loves things that make noise

SPONSORED: Child #8775-d: (Girl age 3) needs shoes (children size 9); she likes dolls and stuffed animals and bracelets; favorite color is pink & purple; she wears size 4T clothes and loves things that make noise

SPONSORED: Child #8775-e: (Girl age 5 months) needs 6 months clothes, booties, socks (warm clothing needed), needs toys for 6-12 months to play with

SPONSORED: Mom #1345: women’s pants size 5, gift cards for clothes

SPONSORED: Child #1345-a (Girl age 2) loves Minions, ducks, favorite color is pink, needs size 3T-4T clothes, size 8-9 shoes

SPONSORED: Child #1345-b (Girl age 1) needs learning toys and 12 month clothing, needs size 3 shoes, favorite color is purple, needs crib sheets

SPONSORED: Mom #8831: My husband and I need a king size bedding set. I love to crochet, so supplies would be wonderful. I also wish for some house repairs.

SPONSORED: Child #8331-a: (Boy age 8) He needs high-top shoes (size 5 boys wide), he wishes for a water Pokemon deck, his favorite color is blue and he likes to play games. He wears size 8/10 boys shirt and pants (slim, not skinny); he wears an 8/10 coat and pajamas (he currently does not have a pair of pajamas

SPONSORED: Child #8331-b: (Boy age 6) He needs a winter coat (size 5/6 boys); he wishes for anything airplane, he LOVES airplanes; his favorite color is black; he wears size 5/6 boys shirts and pants and size 1 boys shoes; he also only has one pair of pajamas.

SPONSORED: Child #8331-c: (Girl age 5) She needs a twin bedding set; she wishes for a barbie doll house; her favorite color is purple; she loves barbie and Frozen; she wears 4T/5 in shirts and pants and size 11 child shoes; she wears a 4T coat; she loves dress up clothes

SPONSORED: Child #8331-d: (Girl age 3) she wants a Step2 Great Creations Art Center because this girl is all about art; she loves to sing and dance and color; she loves to play dress up; she wishes for the art center or a VTech Touch & Learn Activity Deluxe Desk; she wears 3T in shirts and pants and a size 8 child shoe; she wears a 3T jacket

SPONSORED: Child #8331-e: (Girl age 13 weeks) she is a special needs baby; she needs a stroller because she has a lot of equipment that she travels with;  she wears size Newborn and needs button up footie pajamas ONLY because of medical equipment OR g-tube compatible clothing in Newborn size; she could also benefit from muslin blankets (they make the perfect swaddle)

SPONSORED: Mom #1835: I need a coat size 12-14; I wish for gift cards to Ross or Wal-Mart

SPONSORED: Child #1835-a: (Girl age 9) She would like a mermaid tail, my little pony, Shopkins or Junie B. Jones Books; her favorite color is blue/green or pink/purple; she would also love a basketball; she wears size 14/16 jeans, shirts and dresses; she needs size 3 dress boots and shoes; she wears size 12 underwear

SPONSORED: Child #1835-b: (Girl age 5) She loves Care Bears, Shopkins, Barbie clothes & shoes and any kind of beginner books; she wears size 7/8 clothes and size 13/1 shoes; her favorite color is pink, purple & red; she likes to sing and dance.

SPONSORED: Child #1835-c: (Girl age 2 months) She would like a Kick & Play, a Johnny Jumper, hair bows and 3 month clothes; favorite color is purple (twin sister to #1835-d)

SPONSORED: Child #1835-d: (Girl age 2 months) She would like a Kick & Play,  a Johnny Jumper, hair bows and 3 month clothes; favorite color is pink (twin sister to #1835-c)

SPONSORED: Mom #7802: loves all different types of candles for her home

SPONSORED: Child #7802-a: (Boy age 18 months) He needs age appropriate toys and books; he needs 24 month clothes (and up) and size 6 shoes; his favorite color is red