Focus on Fathers

it takes a man

We are focusing on fathers…and we need you.

Here at Raffa Clinic, we have found that 61% of women discussed the decision to terminate their pregnancy with the father of the baby before they told anyone else.

It is because of that reason, and the situations outlined in the first article of this newsletter, that we are actively working to engage the fathers that we see here at Raffa Clinic. We currently working with 6 male volunteers to minister to and disciple the men that come through our doors.

This is no small task and we ask you to pray with us as we move forward in this new area of ministry. The men that volunteer at Raffa Clinic teach classes to new dads, educate about the role of men as fathers and husbands, mentor men one-on-one & in small group settings.

In 2016, we have already seen 28 men seeking services for fatherhood issues at our clinic. We TRULY believe that once our fatherhood program is up and running at full force, this number will continue to grow as the mothers become aware that we offer help for the fathers as well.

We are currently seeking men to come alongside these 28 (and the more that will come) and help them prepare to be good dads, help them learn what it means to be a Godly husband and father, help them by setting the positive example that they most likely never had.

We have weekday and weeknight volunteer opportunities available for our male volunteers. God is bringing these men through our doors daily and we pray that He is also calling up the men to be here waiting to meet them and minister to them.

If you are interested in being a part of this new ministry endeavor, please contact Michelle at or call her at 903-454-9711. If you are not able to give your time but would like to financially support the ministry, please donate at here or contact Threesa at