Baby Registry: A New Way to Support Raffa

Raffa Clinic has created on online baby registry to let our supporters know the things that Raffa Clinic could use. It is super easy to browse our baby registry and purchase what you would like to donate. You can either have it shipped to you and bring it to us, or you can have it delivered directly to our Greenville Clinic with a note from you!

Please take a moment to check it out. Just go to and search for “baby registry”

Once you are on the baby registry page, search for:

First Name: Raffa      Last Name: Clinic

This is a great way to support the ministry of Raffa Clinic. Your church, civic group, club, or family can pitch in and support Raffa.

Thanks for your support!


2 thoughts on “Baby Registry: A New Way to Support Raffa

  1. Sorry but I don’t have a Amazon account and don’t want to open one up just to see what our Church could collect for you. I ask the lady at the clinic on Tuesday what you have a need for. I told her we are a small church with older members and I will put a sign up asking for a couple of different items that you are in need of. She told me to go to your website and follow the directions. I will just ask the members to donate diaper wipes and diapers for your clinic.
    Hope that’s okay.


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